Bert Poe

Bert PoeBert Poe grew up on the Comanche Indian Reservation the son of a Comanche woman and white father who left when Bert was still a baby. Bert was raised by his mother and uncles, who gave him his first martial arts training with weapons.

As a so called “half breed” Bert encountered much ill will from fellow tribal members which prompted him to join the marines at the young age of fifteen. Bert became one of the elite Marine Raiders and saw combat action in the pacific theater, Korea, and special operations around the world. He had to leave the Marines after being wounded in action during the Korean war.

Bert also was a bodyguard for Eleanor Roosevelt, a champion marine boxer, and undefeated professional boxer. After the military Bert worked as a Texas Ranger, Sheriff, and security expert. Bert’s influence on the Wednesday night group was immense. His very no nonsense martial arts, teaching style, and combat attitude greatly compliment JKD.

Unfortunately in 1993 he succumbed to bone cancer as a result of shrapnel remaining in his spine from some long ago battle.