Zulu Stickfighting – Burton Richardson

This video is a comparison by Burton “Lucky Dog” Richardson of Zulu stickfighting and Filipino Kali stickfighting, and includes sparring footage of both methods. Burton visited Zulu villages in South Africa on four separate occasions, beginning in 1994, and he has learned a great deal of functional fighting techniques and principles from them. One move in particular is examined. This tactic is used often by the Zulus, and Burton includes the misdirection in his Battlefield Kali program. When watching, please notice how often the Zulus laugh during sparring- especially after hitting Burton! Most of their sparring is done in a very good-natured way, and serves as a great lesson for all of those who want to develop a high level of fighting skill. Have fun sparring often!
A big thanks to all my Zulu friends! They are always very kind to me.

Burton discusses the tactics he experienced in Africa