Maharlika Kuntaw

I’ve had the opportunity to train in Maharlika Kuntaw under Maha Guro Brian “Buzz” Smith several times over the years, and have hosted a seminar with him at my school several years ago. While I was only exposed to a portion of their art, there was a great deal of useful material shown in a small amount of time. Guro Smith is also extremely generous with his time and eager to share the art that he’s dedicated so much of his life to.

I found the fact that many of the routes that they learn are nearly identical among different formats (empty-hand, stick, knife, sword, sword & shield, staff, etc.) to be a well considered decision in their curriculum. The similarity in routes will make new material seem familiar. The staff material Guro Smith shared with me factors greatly into the Sibat material I teach in Kali. Many of their core concepts, and some of the takedowns and Buno training methods find their way into my classes as well. – Guro Tony

Maha Guro Brian ¨Buzz¨ Smith performing all the forms needed for rank testing in Maharlika Kuntaw through Green Belt.

Lower Rank Forms (Anyo 1-6, Empty-hand, Stick)

Anyo Explained

Anyo 1 Applications

Maharlika Kuntaw – FMA Brotherhood Midwest Gathering

The Gathering – May 2007 Brian ¨Buzz¨ Smith (Maharlika Kuntaw)


Sword & Shield Method