Palo Canario

Initially used as a way of gaining an advantage over machete wielding pirates and bandits from Cuba, the Martial Art of Palo Canario has undergone a resurgence in recent years, including the creation of sporting events. This system does some amazing things with the use of a staff, and is similar in many ways to the methods used in other cultures.

Juego del Garrote Canario-A Maestro Paquito Santana

Juego de la Mano y del Palo Canario

Clase Iniciacion al Juego Del Palo Canario

TV Spot on Palo Canario

Juego del Palo Canario РD̩niz РTelde 2008

Palo Canario Estilo Morales

Juego de Palo Canario. Tipos, Modalidades Y Estilos

Example of the wide variety of manifestations the “art of playing the bar” in the Canary Islands. From traditional games techniques, shown in traditional exhibition, to technical reconstruction started in the 80s, that in some cases they have adapted to competition with written policy and have assumed different names for reasons of sport and federal convenience.