The Short Staff

The short staff, in my opinion is one of the most universal weapons. Something like this can be found in almost every culture, and it is one of the traditional weapons that is absolutely appropriate for modern Martial Artists, as common items from broom or mop handles, dowels, pipes, to pool cues are of a similar length and can be adapted to use as a weapon.

Donn Draeger & Kaminoda Tsunemori – Muso Ryo Jojutsu

Silat Suffian Bela Diri – Short Staff Seminar (Buluh Runcing)

Irish Stick Fighting Methods


Kashi Porrazo: Meso-American Stick Fighting (Yaomatchia)

Long Staff Methods

Juego del Garrote Canario-A Maestro Paquito Santana

Sanatan Shastarvidiya – Lathi (Long Staff Fighting)

Chinese Shaolin Method

Last but not least: The Kung Fu Bear Staff Method.