BJJ: Zombie Apocalypse

Jiu-Jitsu for the Zombie Apocalypse by Stephan Kesting How to use Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to survive the Zombie Apocalypse  

Amazing Fight Scene Dec02

Amazing Fight Scene

Wow…I mean…Wow.

The Human Stun Gun Nov24

The Human Stun Gun

Ever wondered about the dubious claims made about Dim Mak or the ‘Death Touch’? Fox News investigates.

Wondrous World of Chi Power Nov23

Wondrous World of Chi Power...

The Venerable Lama Dondrup Dorje activating students chi to clear blockages in channels during the 2006 Pathgate Summer Retreat. Students own energy then propels them to move. That and apparently men wearing dresses. See more at...

Kabumei: Deadliest Art Nov23

Kabumei: Deadliest Art...

KABUMEI — The Art of the Sharpened Grenade from Detonation Films on...

Kiai Master Nov22

Kiai Master

Good god, there’s another one. You’ll have to see this to believe it.

George Dillman Nov22

George Dillman

World famous Martial Arts master George Dillman is bragging about his superhuman powers. Lets see if the no touch knockout works against a 125 lb...

Kiai Master vs. MMA Fighter Nov22

Kiai Master vs. MMA Fighter...

A Kiai Master puts up $5000 to anyone who can defeat him. An aspiring MMA fighter takes his challenge, hilarity ensues.