Game: Rotation Nov27

Game: Rotation

Rotation The goal of this game is to rearrange the shapes in the larger circle to match the shapes in the smaller one within a certain number of moves. Pieces only move by rotation (hence the name). The puzzles get more challenging as you progress. Designer: Interactive Diode Space Contact:...

Game: Grain Strain Nov26

Game: Grain Strain

Grain Strain Grains will drop from the top of the screen. The goal is to position the machinery in such a way as to collect all of the grains into the bucket before the timer runs out. As you progress, there is less time and more complex obstacles. Very challenging. Designer:...

Game: Ray Ray Nov25

Game: Ray Ray

RayRay This is a challenging problem-solving game. The goal is to get all of the characters to stand up at the same time. When you click on them they will change from standing to sitting or from sitting to standing. The trick is to identify the pattern that will get them all to stand at once. Designer:...

Game: Sobics School Nov24

Game: Sobics School

Sobics School This Korean designed game is sort of like a reverse Tetris, if you can get past the cute character, this game is actually a lot of fun. I got up to level 34 before I was squashed. Designer:...

Game: Hexxagon Nov23

Game: Hexxagon

Hexxagon Similar in some ways to Proximity, Othello and Go, the goal of this game is to have the most pieces on the board when all the spaces are filled. If you move a piece one hex it will duplicate. You can jump a piece two hexagons in any direction. Each time you land adjacent your opponent’s piece(s), you will change their piece(s) to your color, and vice versa. Designer: Unknown...

Game: Proximity Nov22

Game: Proximity

Proximity This game is highly addictive and very versatile, similar in some ways to Risk. It would make an easy board game as well, maybe with dry erase markers and a 20-sided die. The goal is to have either the most armies or the most land mass (depending on how you set it up) when all the spaces are filled. When your piece lands adjacent to the opponent’s piece, it will take their piece if your armies are larger. When you land adjacent to your pieces, they are strengthened. Designer: Brian Cable Contact: