…After the Long Good-bye

“My vigil ended this evening at 7:15pm. After an heroic fight against an unruly disease, my father has passed, and there is a hole in my heart. I want to thank everyone for the kind words of support over the past few weeks. I am fortunate to have so many friends. I will be posting information on the services just as soon as we have them. The wake will be held at my studio.”

Anyone who has been following my blog will by now have noticed the span of time that has passed between this and my last post. Some of you who follow my posts on Facebook already know the reason for this, but for the rest, I would like to explain that on December 8th, my father died of cancer. The months leading up to that time was greatly stressful, and when his illness took a turn for the worse, everything stopped. Since then, my life has been greatly distracted by the aftermath, organizing his memorial service, making decisions about his funeral, handling matters at the house, and generally trying not to think about it during the holidays that immediately followed.

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