Cedarburg Plein Air Painting Competition – Day Three: Main Event

Posted on June 17, 2011 in Blog Post, News, Plein Air Painting

Managed to get up pretty early today, was out and painting by 8:30 am. I would have liked to have gotten there sooner, as the conditions were right for fog, but it was not to be. I headed straight for a farmhouse I saw the day before, wanting to capture that with East light, I ended up choosing another near by. After setting up I realized suddenly that I was low on white paint. I decided to go tonal with this piece, allowing me to largely replace white with Naples Yellow Light.

Cedarburg Farmhouse, 11″ x 14″ oil on panel. This is a type of painting that I rarely do, it was quite a challenge to stay within a specific color harmony. I only know one other artist in the event who paints like this, hopefully it will stand out. This piece was also about edges. I wanted to really test my ability to control the edges in the piece, to deliver a clear focal point. The barn was situated oddly on its foundation, and was sagging, as it was very old. There are still a few things that bother me about this piece, but it is the first keeper of the five I’ve started so far.

There’s been a lot of pressure, outside of the competition, all of which has served to distract me while I’m working. Crap I don’t need, this event is difficult enough. I’m also still trying to settle down into a groove and get back into doing what I know. Tomorrow is the Quick Paint event. We’ll have two and a half hours to turn in a finished, signed and framed painting. I’ll need to get there right at 8 am, as it looks like it’s going to rain around noon tomorrow. Not sure how long I’ll be able to stay after that. I’d really like to make a day of it, since the gas I use to get there costs so much, but there are not too many locations from which to paint in the rain.