Cedarburg Plein Air Painting Competition – Day Five: Main Event

Posted on June 19, 2011 in Blog Post, News, Plein Air Painting

I was planning on taking today off, as I had a number of private lessons scheduled. During my last morning session, my evening private stopped in to tell me that they had to cancel due to it being Father’s Day. I got home around 1pm and afer checking the weather projections, decided that it would be best to head out and try a quick 8″ x 10″ painting in Cedarburg.

I arrived in Cedarburg around 3:30pm, did a quick walk through downtown, and scouted out a few spaces that would work in the rain. Next week it’s projected to be raining, Tuesday thru Thursday. I ended up under a large awning in Downtown Cedarburg, painting T.J. Riley’s Tavern. I wanted to try my hand at capturing the reflections in the windows, and a striped awning as well as the sidewalk and facade of the building. I was about half way through, with a few brief interruptions when 7:30 rolled around and the sun set behind the buildings, killing the light. Since I was under an awning, there was less ambient light from the atmosphere, and I was pretty much done. Driving home through downtown, I saw a total of only four artists today. I guess the rain scared everyone off. At least now I have something I can work on when it starts to rain. I’ll photograph it when I’m finished with it.

I am hoping to get out there pretty early tomorrow, since I have Monday and Wednesday off from the school, I am planning to get in three solid days of painting. I’ve got four 8″ x 10″ panels, two 9″ x 12″ panels, and two 11″ x 14″ panels left to work on, I want to get through at least half of those by the end of the event, saving one of the 9″ x 12″ panels for the Paint the Festival event on Saturday. Tuesday is supposed to be the event’s picnic and free lunch for the artists, also supposed to be heavy thunderstorms that day. I’m hoping it doesn’t get canceled, the camaraderie and feedback are some of the things I most look forward to in these events.