Upcoming Exhibitions

This is a big weekend for me, I actually have 28 paintings on display in three different locations, with two openings on the same night.

Here are some of the events going on this weekend, in which I will have some paintings, including new work that I’ve not yet shared online.

2013 MIAD Alumni/Student Sale

2013 MIAD Alumni Sale - Sneak Preview

2013 MIAD Alumni Sale - Sneak PreviewFirst is the MIAD Alumni/Student Sale event that takes place at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (273 E. Erie, Milwaukee, WI). There is a preview party on Thursday from 6-9 pm, for which I have 5 guest passes. If you’re interested in attending let me know and I can put your name on a ticket. The event also runs thru Saturday (5-9 Fri, 12-5 Sat). There will be more than 60 artists involved in this event, and hundreds of works of art to look through. If you see something you like, you can take it right off the wall and up to the checkout table.

Click here for more information. I will be there Thursday night and part of Friday night.

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Painting Show in Walkers Point

Holiday Painting Exhibition in Walkers Point - Milwaukee, WI November - December

11 painters from the Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association are having an exhibition of Plein Air paintings from November thru December at Comb Art Gallery in Walkers Point. The show will be available on Fridays from 5-9pm and Saturdays from 12-5pm or by appointment.

Comb Art Gallery in Milwaukee, WisconsinWhat a busy couple of months. In addition to wrapping up a portrait commission, landing two new website projects, revamping my website, working on a new batch of stock photos, and my paintings in the Miniatures Show at the Art Bar, I also have 5 paintings in a show at Comb Art Gallery (a new space) at 832 S 5th St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204, in Walkers Point. The space is directly across the street from the Walkers Point Art Center on 5th Street.

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2013 Mini Show at the Art Bar

2013 Mini Show at the Art Bar

2013 Mini Show at the Art Bar – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mini Show at the Art Bar - Milwaukee, WI

They really pack the walls with art for this show. For each open space, a painting has sold.

Last night the Mini show opened at the Art Bar. I got there later than I intended, around 8pm, by which time many pieces had already sold. Each year over the holidays, the owner Don puts on a miniature show that includes anything 8″ or smaller along its longest edge, and $100 or less. The bar gets hundreds of pieces for this show each year, and they typically sell a lot of artwork, especially on opening night. There’s always a lot of excitement, as buyers can simply grab the one they like and the label on the wall and take it up to the bar to buy it outright. They even wrap the work in kraft paper for you while you wait.

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How to Hang a Show.

How to hang an exhibition of paintings

Hanging an Exhibition of Paintings.

When I was in college, and shortly after, I did a lot of work with several galleries in the Third Ward. I worked for about three years as a preparator, and have installed dozens and dozens of shows in a variety of spaces, each presenting their own unique problems.

In order to discuss this topic, we have to use a lot of math. Fair warning: this is going to sound more complicated than it really is. To keep things straight, I will stick to a particular convention when referring to the dimensions of work, that being height by width. So if I speak about a painting that is 8″ x 10″ I am referring to a painting that is eight inches high by ten inches wide. A 10″ x 8″ painting would be 10 inches high by 8 inches wide, etc.

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Announcement: 2012 MIAD Student/Alumni Sale

A patron looks closely at a painting by Patrick Shaw, a classmate of Anthony Sell

I will have about 25 paintings on display at the 2012 MIAD Student/Alumni Sale this weekend. The event begins with a Preview Party, Thursday, October 18, from 6-9 p.m. The preview party has a $20 admission (don’t ask me why), but I can get up to 5 guests in for free. If you are planning on attending, contact me and I’ll get your name on the list as one of my guest (first come, first serve).

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Bristol Renaissance Faire Event

What an adventure last weekend was. The temperature was ridiculously hot, high 80’s to mid 90’s both days, not much cloud cover, just direct punishing sun. Fortunately the Faire offered a good deal of shade.

I arrived a little after 9am and stopped in the office to check in and pick up my artist kit. The organizers furnished us with a black apron which had the logo for the charity and the Faire on it, as well as a map, a pamphlet, and some food vouchers. I met Julia, and some of her staff, who were all very friendly and eager to see what we’d paint. After dropping this off at my truck, I did a walk-thru with my camera to see the grounds. It had been eight years or so since I was last in Bristol, and I couldn’t believe how much had changed in that time, they’ve really added to the grounds. It took awhile to get my bearings. The staff and cast were milling about, preparing for the crowd, which entered at 10am. I was able to scout around and set up before the bulk of the visitors got there.

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Door County, Day Two

Link: http://www.expressmilwaukee.com/blog-7114-door-county-plein-air-festival-2011-musolff-wins-d.html

After a long night without much sleep, I managed to get up early enough to pack up and turn in my keys and get to the park in time to find a great spot, right across the street from the tent used for registration for the Dockside Quick Paint event. This event gave us ample time to set up and sketch, within a two block radius of the park, but only two hours to actually paint.

I took a protein shake with me for breakfast as I scouted possible locations and greeted some of the other artists who were just arriving to do the same. I spoke for awhile with my friends Larry Schultz and Jason Prigge, then went off to look at some possible vantages for the day’s events. I had an hour before I could get my panel stamped, and another two before the event started. We were all looking at the overcast sky and judging the winds to estimate what the light would do between 9-11 am.

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