Event Photography – Dead Man’s Carnival New Year’s Eve Celebration



This December I was hired to do some event photography for the Dead Man’s Carnival New Year’s Eve celebration that took place at the Hot Water/Wherehouse bar in Milwaukee. This group puts on some of my favorite events to photograph, combining a steampunk/carnival type of atmosphere with games, side shows, music, acrobats, burlesque dancers, and other types of acts from all over the Midwest and other parts of the country. Some of these are truly amazing performers. Quite a way to bring in the new year.



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Event Photography – Tough Mudder Plymouth, WI

©2014 Anthony Sell - All Rights Reserved.

The Before Picture


This Sunday I was contracted by Gameface Media to shoot pre- and post-race photos at the Tough Mudder Event in Plymouth, Wisconsin. Of all the mud races, this one tends to attract the more serious participants. Sundays are typically slower than Saturdays when you have a two day event. That being said I was shooting for about 7 and a half hours. The photos I was taking required being on my feet the whole time, crouching, squatting or kneeling repeatedly to get a good angle. I felt that in the days after.

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Bristol Renaissance Faire – 7.20.14

Bristol Renaissance Faire - July 20, 2014 All Photos ©2014 Anthony Sell - All Rights Reserved.

Bristol Renaissance Faire – July 20, 2014
All Photos ©2014 Anthony Sell – All Rights Reserved.

I got an opportunity to go on walkabout at the Bristol Renaissance Faire this weekend, and I took the new lens with me. 1800 images shot, of which I’ve chosen to keep just over 500. I’ve posted some of the better ones here, and the rest are on Flickr.

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Event Photography: The Color Run Milwaukee

The Color Run Milwaukee - Miller Park - July 2014

The Color Run Milwaukee – Miller Park

This weekend I was hired by Flo-Foto as a studio photographer for The Color Run – Milwaukee race held at Miller Park. This race had a kaleidoscope for photo ops, which was run by my good friend and fellow shooterLidia.
The outside walls of this kaleidoscope were used as a portrait backdrop for groups at the event.

If you’re not familiar with The Color Run, it’s quite a spectacle. Runners are bombarded with a powdery mix of cornstarch and pigment as they pass certain landmarks on the course. Each landmark has volunteers ready to throw a different color. The mix is very fine, and makes clouds of color that of course stick everywhere that there is perspiration. By the end of the race everyone (even bystanders and nearby cars) are covered from head to toe in pigment.

It’s supposed to wash off. So they said. Scrape off was more like it. Oh, and: blue snot. Yeah.




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Event Photography – Oconomowoc Luncheon


This June I was hired to shoot an event in Oconomowoc. The luncheon was hosted by the Jewish Women’s League, and was an annual event to celebrate a year of Jewish Women’s programming in the area. There were 40 or so participants, and the event included several speakers and performers. It took place in the Oconomowoc Community Center, a beautiful space overlooking Lac La Belle in Oconcomowoc, Wisconsin.

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