Referral Program

In order to promote sales of paintings and secure commissioned portraits, landscapes and other fine art projects, I am offering a referral fee of 15% to anyone who refers a patron or client to me, which transaction results in a successful sale.

If you happen to know someone who collects art who might be interested in my work, why not refer them and make a percentage of that sale?

Here are the requirements:

  1. Registration. In order to receive credit for the referral, the referrer must be registered. To register, the referrer must use the contact form below to send me the following information: First and Last Name, complete Mailing Address, Email Address, and Phone Number.
  2. Referral ID. The referrer will be considered registered the moment they receive an email reply from Anthony Sell, verifying their information. This email will include their unique Referral ID (which will identify referrals as coming from each referrer).
  3. Completed Sale. Transactions that qualify for the 15% referral fee must be a completed sale, with successful payment in full.
  4. Complete Payment. If a referred commission is paid in installments, the referral fee will be sent after the final payment is made.
  5. Referral Payments. Payments will be made within 30 days of completion of the sale, by mailed check.
  6. Prior Contact. To qualify for the referral fee, the referrer must make the referral before first contact with that individual or organization. If the referrer cannot personally introduce the referred patron or client, they must instruct the referred patron or client to mention the referrer at the time of contact.
  7. Confirmation of Referral. A referral will qualify upon receipt of a confirmation email in which the details will be stated. This email will state “Referral Confirmation” in the subject line.
  8. Group Shows. Sales made during group exhibitions (such as the MIAD Student/Alumni Sale, or events at the Art Bar) do not qualify for the referral fee, as these events will make sales in the absence of the artist, and not track contact information of those who purchase the work.
  9. Print Sales. Print sales (such as those on the Fine Arts America website or Cafe Press) do not qualify for the Referral Fee.
  10. Design Projects. Design projects (including graphic design, web design, t-shirt design or commercial illustration) are not eligible for the Referral Fee.

If you are interested in participating in this program, the best way to proceed would be to register using the form below. After you receive your confirmation email (which will state “Referral Program Confirmation Email” in the subject line), print out that message and keep it for your records. Then use the Referrer ID when you tell people about my work.

You can point them to my website (details for this will be sent to you), have them contact me directly, bring them to my studio on a scheduled appointment, or send me their contact information so I can contact them. Be sure to send me an email with details about the referral. Then call me to tell me about it. Given the nature of email and technology, sometimes messages get lost. Let’s plan to err on the side of redundancy.

Register Today

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