I want to thank a few of the people responsible for supporting me over the years, your friendship and patronage has meant more to me than words can describe.

Robert & Susie Sell, the Sipins, Rick Faye, Dan Inosanto, Ron Bitticks, Peter Budde, Jim Matson, Mark Lawson, Teresa Brillioth, Wendie Thompson, Larry Seiler, Mike Neilson, Mark & Annie Shoenenberger, Jason Prigge, Jenny Anderson, Mark Zelten, Kyle Martin, Matthew Holt, Lois Johnson, Mark M., Aoiefe Maloney, Dennis McKenzie, Rhommer Varilla, Marianne Plaiser, Ruth Bergman, the Fraser Family, the Morris Family, Brendan Kennedy, Dylan Taylor, Lisa Sprengel, Shelly Trow, Nicole Titschler, Don at the Art Bar, Melissa Dorn Richards, Brandon Bauer, Paddy Shaw, Jeff Boire, Bill Sell, Katrina Johansson, Peter Sorce, Tom Nachreiner, Shane Tassoul, Joan Terry, Steve Danbeck, Rick Briscki and the Chartrand Family, Berkhard Feierabend, David Abstetar, Eric and Angie Habermehl, Vikki and Steven Sell, Ranjit Jaspar, John Graber and Lidia Sharapova, Alex Slobodsky, and my many, many students over the years.