Representing the Minnesota Kali Group since 1997 - Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Escrima, Muay Thai, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Savate, Silat, Archery & Yoga

What We Teach

The goal of our school is to develop well-rounded, experienced Martial Artists who are fit, healthy, and motivated. It is our hope that each student will enjoy a lifetime of the benefits of training in the Martial Arts. In the process, students will be exposed to many different systems and traditions from a variety of cultures and perspectives.

Our Core Curriculum

As a representative of the Minnesota Kali Group, our Core Curriculum is comprised of five distinct areas of training: Kali Weaponry, Panantukan, Jeet Kune Do, Thai Boxing and Grappling. Students will progress through 10 levels in this curriculum. Each area has specific goals and performance objectives for each level. A student can "promote" to the next level by satisfying the level requirements for a minimum of 3 of the 5 areas of training. In this manner, students can customize the focus of their training.

Reaching the 10th Level is the equivalent of a Black Belt in many other systems, except that the student will have a mastery of more than one area and experience in all 5 areas. Upon reaching the 10th Level, a student will have a thorough understanding of strategy, tactics, technique and training methods, and will demonstrate the mental and physical attributes of an advanced Martial Artist.

Other Programs

In addition to our Core Curriculum, students will have the opportunity to train in and test for rank in several other Martial Art traditions. These supplementary programs include Brazilian Jiujitsu, Doce Pares Eskrima, and Capoeira Regional. Testing in these programs will occur seperately from our Core Curriculum tests, and students will have further requirements to satisfy before being eligible for promotion. These requirements often include attending seminars and inter-school events. Our students tend to progress quickly through this material, as there is often overlap with our Core Curriculum.

Healing Arts

To complement our Martial Arts programs, we also offer training in some unique forms of Yoga and related Healing Arts. Our perspective on Healing Arts is one of maintenance and injury prevention. Through these holistic practices, students will develop greater body awareness, improved posture, flexibility and range of motion, all while lessening the likelihood of training injuries. Students will also gain a better understanding of anatomy and physiology. Our Yoga classes are very pragmatic and ideally suited for beginners.

Specialty Classes and Workshops

One of our most unique classes is our Wednesday Workshop. Each Wednesday we hold a 90 minute class that focuses on a rotating topic. The topic is typically a niche area of our curriculum, that rotates every 4-6 weeks. Past workshops topics have included: Thai Boxing, Savate, Attribute Development, Weight Lifting, Nutrition, Self-Defense, Mixed-Martial Arts, and more. Suggestions for upcoming workshop topics are always welcome.

In addition to our Wednesday Workshops, we will occasionally host or travel to attend seminars with guest instructors. This is an important way for students to broaden their horizons and gain valuable insight into the Martial Arts and the larger community to which they belong.

Private Lessons

Many students take advantage of our private lessons to complement their regular training. Students can schedule a private lesson any time, with any staff member, covering a topic of their choice. For some it is a way to go over difficult material, for others it is a way to get individual attention on an area that interests them. Some aspects of our curriculum are best taught one-on-one (such as our Wooden Dummy material). Private Lessons can also be used to rehabilitate injuries, develop a personal fitness routine, catch up on missed classes, and to prepare for testing or competition. Click here to schedule a private lesson today.


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