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A Typical Class

The majority of our classes are 60-90 minutes in duration. As their schedule permits, students are encouraged to attend several back-to-back classes. Each day of training typically starts with announcements and ends with a review of the material covered. An average class will follow this basic pattern:


Students will be taken through stretches, movements and exercises specific to the training they are about to participate in, in order to prepare their body for the rigors of training. Though this is generally done as a group, students will be required to know how to warm up for each area of training, and should get to class early enough to begin doing so before the class begins.

Basic Movements

It is very common for our classes to involve 2-3 techniques that are learned first individually, and later combined to illustrate a common principle, theme or tactic. For example if during this part of the class students are given three responses to a specific scenario, in the next part of the class they will have to identify at random when each is appropriate.

Interactive Application

Partner training is an important part of our training method. During this part of class, students will work interactively to put together what was introduced in the last part of the class.

Conditioning & Cool-down

Almost every class will involve some kind of conditioning. Students are encouraged to push themselves, but work at their own pace. Conditioning is often specific to the theme of each class.

Training Environment

Our training environment is very relaxed, and after class there is often a great deal of camaraderie and story telling. Laughter is an essential part of a good workout. Students can expect three things with every class: They will learn something new or improve something already learned, they will sweat, and they will have fun.


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