Representing the Minnesota Kali Group since 1997 - Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Escrima, Muay Thai, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Savate, Silat, Archery & Yoga

In addition to our primary arts, our association with the Minnesota Kali Group and other unique teachers has exposed us to the training methods of other Martial Arts traditions. These training methods factor into our classes and include:

  • La Boxe Francaise
  • Marharlika Kuntaw
  • Mande Muda
    Penjak Silat
  • Pekiti Tirsia Kali
  • Shoot Wresting
  • Thai Massage
  • Mazunaga Shiatsu
  • Tui-na Anfa
  • Aikido
  • Judo

Our Lineage

New students are often curious about the authenticity of our instructors in each of the traditions we offer. This is understandable, as it is not uncommon for unscrupulous instructors to inflate or fabricate their backgrounds. Below is a list of our teachers and affiliates in each of the areas of training that we offer.

Jeet Kune Do

  • Sifu Dan Inosanto
    • Sifu Rick Faye
      • Sifu Anthony Sell
      • Sifu Nick Wintergerst
      • Sifu Paul Boyajian

Inosanto-LaCoste Kali, Maphalindo Martial Arts, Panantukan

  • Guro Dan Inosanto
    • Guro Rick Faye
      • Guro Anthony Sell
      • Guro Nick Wintergerst
      • Guro Paul Boyajian

Muay Thai

  • Ajarn Chai Sirisute
    • Ajarn Rick Faye
      • Instructor Anthony Sell
      • Instructor Nick Wintergerst
      • Instructor Paul Boyajian

Doce Pares Eskrima

  • Grandmaster Dioñisio A. Cañete
    • Grandmaster Thomas G. Sipin
    • Master Kelii Sipin
      • Guro Anthony Sell (Black Belt 2nd Grade)

Brazilian Jiujitsu

  • Helio Gracie
    • Professor Pedro Sauer
      • Sensei Henry Matamoros (Black Belt)
        • Sensei Anthony Sell (Blue Belt)
        • Sensei Paul Boyajian (Blue Belt)
        • Sensei Jason Lippert (Purple Belt)
    • Carlson Gracie, Sr.
      • Sensei Benjamin Salas (Purple Belt)
        • Anthony Sell
        • Jason Lippert
    • Machado Brothers
      • Sensei Erik Paulson (Black Belt)
        • Anthony Sell
        • Nick Wintergerst
        • Paul Boyajian

Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW)

  • Sensei Erik Paulson
    • Sensei Rick Faye
      • Instructor Anthony Sell
      • Instructor Nick Wintergerst
      • Instructor Paul Boyajian

Letha Yoga, Longi Yoga, Dhanda Yoga & Burmese Healing Arts

  • Dr. Maung Gyi (Grandmaster)
    • Instructor Anthony Sell
    • Nick Wintergerst
    • Paul Boyajian

Capoeira Regional

  • Mestre Fran (Grupo Maculele)
    • Contramestre Marcinho
    • Mestre Azulao
    • Claudia "Catatau" Giannecchini
      • Instructor Nick Wintergerst
  • Mestre _____ (Grupo Nago)
    • Instructor Marc "Sapo" Adesso
      • Instructor Nick Wintergerst

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