Fog in Cudahy

Posted on May 27, 2011 in Blog Post, Local History, Plein Air Painting

Today we had just the right weather conditions to generate some eerie fog along the lakefront. Temperatures inland were in the 70’s (F), which mixed with the cooler, moist air over Lake Michigan. Wind off the lake was a brisk mid-50’s (F). The fog rolled in and out throughout the day.

This is a 6″ x 8″ oil on panel, from the drive leading to Cudahy park in Milwaukee, WI. Thanks to Wikipedia, you can even see a photograph of this statue here.

Patrick Cudahy was an Irishman who moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin a few months after his birth. He worked as a meat packer in a plant along the Menomonee valley, becoming the superintendent in 1874. The owner eventually transferred the title of the company into the Cudahy Brothers, which is how it was known until 1957, when they changed it to Patrick Cudahy, Inc. after he had passed. Patrick Cudahy died in 1919.

When the Cudahy Brothers purchased a plant on Milwaukee’s south side in 1892, they moved their business to this area, originally known as the Buckhorn settlement, which was later incorporated as the Village of Cudahy. Prior to this that region was known as the “Town of Lake” which was later annexed out of existance into the cities of Milwaukee, St. Francis and Cudahy.