Colorized Portrait

Posted on November 16, 2013 in Colorization, Photoshop

Colorized Portrait


Colorized Portrait - Original PhotographColorized Portrait - Final ImageAnother study using a rather famous black and white photograph. The challenge is always in finding the right amount of saturation. One of the things that I always consider when doing this type of work is the ‘depth map’ – that is: which areas of the image are closer in space, and which areas are farther.

Those elements that are closer to the viewer will tend to be more saturated, and those farther away less so. That is not always the case, however, much of it depends on the light source in the image, how close it is to an element, and how much color it may or may not cast onto it. In working like this, it really helps if you’ve spent time painting in front of a model, working from life. Even some of the more experienced colorists have work that can look garish and surreal. It’s very easy to lose the local color, which will always tends to be less saturated than you’d think.


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