Retouching & Photo Manipulation

Services Available:
– Dust, scratch and defect removal
– Repairing folds, tears, worn or missing corners
– Repairing pin and staple holes
– Color correction, colorization of black and white photos
– Improving contrast & brightness
– Blending and combining images (photo montage)
– Humorous photo manipulation
– Extending the image (filling in cropped heads, etc.)
– Item removal (removing or blurring faces, etc.)
– Changing elements (swapping colors, adjusting placement, etc.)
– Digital matte painting

I offer photo retouching, restoration and image manipulation services for an hourly fee. If you have an image that is precious to you that you would like to have restored, send me a scan of the image and I can quote you an estimate. If you have an idea for a photo montage, or some other idea involving manipulating photos, contact me, I’d love to hear about it.

Just remember that although I can do an awful lot to improve an existing photo, but there are limits. Looking through the images below you will be able to see just what can be done. If an image is missing complete sections, it may not be possible to restore that. Likewise, if an exposure is too light or too dark, there may simply not be enough information to perform the restoration.

You can use the form on this page to contact me.